Get Your Team & Athletes Noticed With Top Prospect Network

Top Prospect Network was developed with Teams in mind. TPN greatly increases your team's and your athlete's visibility with the college coaches and helps your athletes get recruited. TPN builds team name recognition with the college coaches and gets them out to your games or events. Each TPN Team Showcase Account™ is based on TPN's new innovative Athletic Recruiting Advancement Suite ™ technology which includes all the tools necessary to promote your team and athletes efficiently and effectively.

Top Prospect Network pioneered the original Athletic Recruiting Management System™ in 2008. Since that time many have attempted to copy our original concept. Now TPN is proud to introduce its new and highly advanced Athletic Recruiting Advancement Suite ™.

The TPN Athletic Recruiting Advancement Suite ™ provides you with the most comprehensive and conveniently integrated set of athletic recruiting tools available. TPN helps you separate your team from the competition and gets the college coaches out to watch your athletes. If you are serious about getting your athletes recruited, a TPN Team Showcase Account™ has no equal!





TPN Athletic Recruiting Advancement Suite ™ for Teams:

TPN Team Showcase Account
Integrated Team Manager’s A.R.A.S. Admin
Centralized Access Point to manage your team's recruiting activity
Team Recruiting Coordinator's Account for contacting the college coaches
Team Recruiting Report to track the college coach’s interest in the team
Recruiting Web Pages fully customizable and integrated into the Team’s TPN A.R.A.S.
Print Team Flyer with QR Code technology to connect college coaches to your athletes
Coach-2-Coach Hot Share™ feature gives college coaches quick access to athletes
Integrated TPN Email system for Team Coach and Athletes
Team Domain Name for your website and TPN Email
Recruiting Consultation through TPN's Athletic Recruiting Specialist Network
Athlete's Recruiting Management System
Individual TPN Athletic Recruiting System for each athlete
Direct access to College Coach Database, Search – Save – Compose – Email
Player Profile: Stats, Awards, Academics, Photos, Video, and more
College Coach View Tracking of Player Profile and Videos
Integrated TPN Email
TPN Recruiting Strategy Consultation Session


TPN provides a proven effective way for your team to increase its recruiting success. With TPN Team Showcase Account™ you can ensure each of your athletes are doing their part to get recruited. Plus, you have the tools necessary to assist each athlete and to promote them directly to the coaches.

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Powerful • Innovative • Technologically Advanced • Comprehensive • Conveniently Integrated • Efficient • Effective • Affordable

Everything your team & athletes need to help facilitate the athletic recruiting process is conveniently packaged into a single comprehensive system. With a TPN Team Showcase Account™ and the Athletic Recruiting Advancement Suite™ technology, you and your athletes each have an integrated access point to all of your recruiting tools. Through your TPN system you can extend multiple access points to the college coaches for viewing your athletes and team.


Your Team - Your TPN - Your Success

Some Benefits of a TPN Team Showcase Account

• Increases team and athlete visibility with the college coaches

• Builds team name recognition within the college coaching community

• Efficient way for team and athletes to promote themselves to college coaches

• Your athletes can use their TPN for both their Club/Travel Team and H.S. Team

• Increases your athletes’ success at reaching their collegiate scholarship goals

• Makes it easy for the college coaches to view all of your athletes

• Integrates all of your team's recruiting activity into one manageable solution

• Helps you effectively evaluate and refocus your team's recruiting activity

• Makes it easy for your team to promote its athletes onsite at recruiting events

• Signals to prospective team members that your team is serious about recruiting