TPN Athletic Recruiting Assistance Services

Top Prospect Network provides a web based Athletic Recruiting Management System which helps student athletes market themselves directly to the college coaches. TPN combines its exclusive Recruiting System with Personalized Athletic Recruiting Consultation to guide and direct the athlete through the recruiting process. TPN provides you with a single access point to contact college coaches, present your athletic and academic information including Skills and Highlight Videos, receive the coach’s replies, and track your recruiting progress.


Showcase Yourself

Personal Player Profile which includes Highlight or Skills Videos, Pictures, Schedule, Athletic Stats and Awards, Academic Credentials, Contact Information and much more. Easily updated and customized.


Choose Your Schools

Unlimited Access to search the TPN College Coach Database and choose the schools you wish to contact. Search by Division, State, Geographical Area, plus other parameters. Easily save or modify your contact lists.


Track Your Progress

Detailed View Tracking of your Player Profile and Highlight or Skills Video helps you gauge the effectiveness of your contacts with the college coaches and know where to intensify your activity.

TPN Puts You In Charge

TPN empowers you, the athlete, to take charge of your athletic recruiting process. With your TPN Recruiting System you have access to a database of virtually every college program for your sport. Once you've set up your personal TPN Player Profile, you simply search through the database selecting the coaches you wish to contact. Just select the coaches and click on compose. It's that quick and easy! With TPN you’re not going it alone. You have access to a Recruiting Specialist to help you stay on track and to help you plan and modify your recruiting strategy as needed.


Integrated TPN Email

Top Prospect Network has its own email system so your responses from the college coaches are contained inside your TPN Account. TPN provides you with a relevant Athletic Email Address.


Help When You Need It

TPN helps you stay on Track to reach your scholarship goals. You have access to a TPN Recruiting Specialist to help guide you through your Athletic Recruiting Process. With TPN you’ve got help when you need it!


TPN Athletic Recruiting Specialist Network™

TPN has set up a National Network of Recruiting Specialist from varied backgrounds of experience. Your Recruiting Specialist can utilize this network to help you target schools looking for your particular skills set.

What Our Clients Say

TPN Softball

America's Premier Softball Recruiting Assistance Service Since 2007. TPN's Softball Clients have consistenly had a 98+% signing rate. Contact TPN Today to learn more about how we can further your Fastpitch Softball career.