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April 01, 2013

Softball Recruiting Events

TPN Community Summer 2013 Softball Recruiting Events Camps...Showcase Tournaments...Top Competition Tournaments View Full Article
November 15, 2012

TPN Partners with Advance Rehab

TPN Partners with Advance Rehab Top Prospect Network is proud to announce it has partnered with Advance Rehabilitation to provide TPN clients with insights… View Full Article
Women's Volleyball Recruiting
July 08, 2012

TPN Expands Services - Women's Volleyball

Top Prospect Network now provides Women's Volleyball Recruiting Assistance Services. Womens Volleyball becomes the 4th sport being covered by TPN. Anyone… View Full Article
Joe Burns Rising Seniors Football Recruiting
July 20, 2012

TPN Welcomes Joe Burns

Joe Burns - Director of Athlete Recruitment and Education Top Prospect Network is proud to announce Joe Burns as the Director of Athlete Recruitment and… View Full Article

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